Charis (kare-iss) is the Greek word for grace, which signifies God’s free gift of love and acceptance toward each of us.

Charis Counseling Centers is a Christian counseling agency. We provide confidential counseling to children, teenagers and adults, as well as to couples and families.

As Christian counselors, we help people to resolve emotional, relational and spiritual problems—but our special mission is to help you develop a deeper awareness of God’s grace in your life. 

Our Services

Our staff of certified mental health professionals are experienced and licensed to address:

  • depressive and anxiety disorders (phobias, obsessive compulsive traits, acute anxiety)
  • various forms of addictions (substance abuse, eating disorders)
  • all kinds of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional)
  • other severe psychological trauma (including PTSD)

We also address attention-deficit disorders in both children and adults, and we assist in the process of making career choices or changes. Many couples seek our services as well to help resolve marital and family conflict.

At our Middleboro office, we offer psychological testing to adolescents and adults using the Minnesota-Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). We also have a psychiatric nurse in Middleboro who is able to provide medication management for some of our clients.

More About Us

Our offices are located on the campuses of local Protestant churches. Most of our referrals come through Christian networks, but we are happy to receive any family, child, teenager, couple or single person, regardless of race, color or religious creed.

All of our counselors work from a “systems” perspective, which means that we consider all areas of a person’s life as having a significant impact upon well-being. Such “systems” include families, churches, schools, and places of employment.

To address weak points in each “system,” our counselors will sometimes consult with other professionals, such as medical doctors, pastors, or school personnel (with written consent from the client), and form a team of people to support each client.

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